African Rhythms

“African Rhythms and World Music” is multi-instrumentalists Jay Cook and Steve Leicach, who take their audiences on a musical journey through Africa, Brazil, and the Caribbean. They bring a spiritual, joyful approach to world music, and their rhythms, compositions, and improvisations are inspirational for all ages.

With a large variety of instruments, including balafon (African xylophone), talking drum, congas, guitar, and harmonica, their shows include audience participation with singing, chanting the language of the drum and hand-clap patterns.
During school residencies and adult workshops, Jay and Steve bring a large assortment of African and African-style instruments. In their workshops, they teach technique, cultural contexts of the instruments, traditional and composed rhythms, dance and improvisation.

Often a residency will culminate in a community-wide performance, with students jamming on stage with Jay and Steve! Learn more about these workshops.