“The experiences that Steve and Jay offered our children had complete musical integrity; their residency here was an unqualified success.”
–Geoff Fretwell, Principal, Marion Cross School, Norwich, VT

“I’ve been listening to school assemblies for 20 years, and this is the best one of all!”
–Casey Bozetarnik, Principal, Meadows Educational Center, VT

“The performance was truly wonderful, and the experience of interacting with these two musician-educators was enough to renew anyone’s belief in the importance of a well-rounded education.”
–Chris Sellers, music teacher, North Country Union Junior High School, Derby, Vermont

“Steve and Jay’s music is truly inspirational, and their positive natures and spiritual, centered approach to music and children left everyone delighted and wanting more.”
–Alli Lubin, music teacher, The Grammar School, Putney, VT

“Extremely well organized, highly inspirational, friendly, and excellent group managers… they captivated the students attention from start to finish.”
-Anna Matsuba, Teacher, Williston School District, VT.

“Their music and instruments had us spellbound.”
–Jerry Johnson, Librarian, Fitchburg Public Library, Fitchburg, MA

“I really appreciate how they manage to engage ALL campers, even the ones who come to the performance with skepticism.”
–Jennifer Jacobs, Director, 4H Camp Waubonog, Brattleboro, VT

“African Rhythms and World Music stands out as an energetic, fun, educational and entertaining experience.”
–Kristi Jacobi, head assistant, Exploration Summer Program, Norwood, MA.

“WOW! This is better than Star Wars!”
–student, Chesterfield Elementary School, Chesterfield, NH

“On numerous occasions we have recounted the events of the day. The two elements that live largest in our minds are the smiling faces and the glorious music Steve and Jay provided.”
–Jill and Michael Paine, bride and groom, Winchester, NH