Bringing with them a large collection of world instruments, Jay and Steve’s percussion ensemble workshops are energizing, fun, and “hands-on.” Participants experience playing African and African-style hand drums, balafon (African xylophone), bells, and shakers. Drumming technique, traditional rhythms, and improvisation are also explored. Everyone should be prepared to jam! workshops

If you are in a school, camp or corporation with folks who love to move, Steve also teaches traditional dance to complement the percussion ensemble workshop. Sometimes a workshop leads up to a sharing of what students have learned. With kids and adults playing and dancing, Steve and Jay have created dynamic performances for schools and communities! With their teaching and professional skills, warmth and humor, their workshops and student led shows leave a lasting impression that forever remain in the hearts, hands and feet of the participants.

In addition to their work together, Jay and Steve also teach percussion to individuals and groups as soloists. Feel free to contact Jay for fees, additional recommendations (see testimonials) and residency information.