Alafia  has been performing to enthusiastic audiences in the Brattleboro area since October of 2010. With an eleven piece ensemble, including four vocalists, a horn section, two guitars, bass, congas and drumset, they create a polyrhythmic, infectious dance music.

Alafia plays a number of covers from the Nigerian king of Afrobeat, Fela Kuti, as well as their own compositions. Their musical interests are many, and their own pieces are reminisce of “Big Band” African music.

Like most African music, shows with Alafia are a particularly soulful experience. Audience members and musicians alike are moved by powerful solos, tight rhythm section grooves and hypnotic polyrhythms between the various instruments and voices.

Most of all, Alafia knows how to have fun: you’ll find this music to be a joyful experience, one that triggers smiles and moving bodies!