ABC (in B – B and E throughout tune)
Arebella Angelique (Am – one chord tune)
Billie Jean (F#m)  Intro as mp3. Outro: guitar line, watch Evan.
Boogie on Reggae Woman (G)
Burning Down the House (D; first chord of verse E)
California (Db)
Cantaloop  (F-) Intro: as mp3; Outro: melody line repeated 3x
Chan Chan (Dm – slow Afro-Cuban)
Cissys Strut (Cm)  /  (B section in Ab)
Come Together (Meters version) (Cm)/ Intro: as mp3; Outro: riff plus 2 Cm7 hits (1-and)/Chart: Come together chart
Comin’ Home Baby
Don’t Worry, Be Happy (B)  (B   C#m  E  B    throughout)
Express Yourself (Eb)  / Intro: as mp3; Outro: our “special ending” / Chart: Express Yourself chart
Fight the Power (E)
Fly Me to the Moon (C)
Fresh2Mono (Cm) (3/4/17 recording)
Get Lucky (Bm)
Get Up Offa That Thing (G)
Get Up, Stand Up (Bbm) / Intro as outro, but double it. /Chart: Get Up, Stand Up (Bbm) chords
Happy (Db) / Intro: as mp3; Outro: end on last “that’s what you wanna do”, Jay cues / Chart: Happy
Hey Ya (E, first chord G) / Intro: as mp3; Outro: end on last “ya”, Jay cues / Chart: Hey Ya
Hush Money
High Heeled Sneakers (Bb)
Ho Hey (Bb) / Chart: Ho Hey chart
Hot Hot Hot (C) / Intro: groove, then horn line; Outro:  Jay cues last “hot hot hot” / Hot Hot Hot chords:form
How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) (G) / Intro: as mp3; Outro: last Chorus, Jay cues the 1 / Chart: How Sweet It Is
I Can See Clearly Now

Is This Love (Em) / Intro as outro. /Chart: Is This Love (Em)
I Want You Back (A) / Intro as outro. Bass solo over the I-ii, as in mp3, after the 2nd chorus. Outro is the I-ii groove 4x /
Jump in the Line (F) / Intro, Outro as mp3 / Chart: Jump in the Line chart
Jump, Jive An’ Wail (Bb) / Intro: as mp3; Outro: Ellington ending, Jay cues.
Kids (F#m) / chart: KIDS, (F#m) chart
Kiss (A) / Intro, outro: as mp3 / Chart: Kiss chart
Life is Beautiful (D)
Light My Fire (Al Green version – Am) / chart: Light my Fire chart
Look a Py Py (Gm)  Look a py py form
Love is My Religion (E) / chart: Love is my religion chart
Low Rider (G) Intro: as mp3; Outro: repeat 2nd half of riff 4x
Mahna Mahna    chart: Mahna Mahna chords
Mister Follow Follow (Cm)
More Higher Ways (Am) / chart: More Higher Ways chart
My Girl (C) Intro: as mp3; Outro: walk down to the 1, Jay cues / Chart: My Girl (C) chart
Night Nurse (Am)
No Agreement (Fm)
No Smoke Without Fire (C)
No Woman No Cry (A) (Bob Marley). Intro: same as Bob M; Solos over Verse chords; Outro – watch Jay for last chorus.  chart No Woman No Cry chart
Oye Coma Va (Am) / Intro, outro : as mp3. /Chart: Oye Coma Va chart
Perfect / Intro, outro as mp3. Chart: Perfect chords
Play That Funky Music (D) Play that funky music chords (don’t worry about the tag on the chart)
Pomp And Pride (A) /Intro: as mp3; Outro: end on last “do”, Jay cues / Chart: Pomp and Pride (A)
Pungee (C)
A Real Mother For You (Fm)
Roast Fish and Cornbread (live) (Am)
Say Hey (Bb) / Intro: as mp3; Outro: Jay cues last “hey mama, hey mama, close to you.” / Chart: Say Hey chart
Second Line Soca (G)  / Intro: bass starts;  Outro: Jay plays bass line 4x, end on the and of 4 / G to F, then F to G throughout
Secret o’ Life (C) chart: Secret o’ Life chart
Sittin on the Dock of the Bay (G)  / Intro: as mp3; Outro: end on E chord; Josh whistles. / Chart: Dock of the Bay
Sorrow, Sorrow (Cm/F)
Stand By Me (Eb) / Also influenced by this:  Stand By Me chart: Stand by Me chart
Steal My Kisses (G)
Steppin’ Razor (G)
Sugarfoot (F)   Intro: as mp3; Outro: Jay cues end on the 1
Summertime (reggae – Am)
The Swimming Song (F) / The Swimming Song chords
Tequila (F)
Thank You falettin me bmice elf (Dm)    Intro: as mp3; Outro: end w/ “B” groove (as in after the 1st couple verses)
That’s the Way, I Like it (Cm)
Thin Man Skank (Bm)
Think I’m In Love (F)
This Must Be the Place (D) / Intro, outro: as mp3 / chart: This Must be the Place chart
Turn on Your Love Light (E) / chart: Turn On Your Lovelight (E) chart
Under One Sky chart (C)
Upside Down (E) / chart: Upside Down chart
What a Wonderful World (F) / Intro: last 4 meas. of coda (from chart); Outro: coda / What+a+Wonderful+World+chords
What I Got (D) / Intro: as mp3; Outro: last chorus, Jay cue end by singing “what I got” 3x / Chart: what i got chart
Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1 (A) Yoshimi chords
You Make Me Wanna Shout (D) Intro, outro: as mp3, Jay cues end, and sings “now, wait a…”
Your Lips  (D)