Walter Slowinski
Clarinetist and saxophonist Walter Slowinski studied classical music at Oberlin Conservatory, where, to his teacher’s dismay, he became interested in jazz. He founded the Blue Heron Jazz Band in western New York, as well as the Mot-Mot Be-Bop Monteverde Jazz Band in Costa Rica. Moving to Brattleboro, Walter immersed himself in the jazz scene and founded Jazzberry Jam. In addition to his horn lines, Walter sings and brings a tireless, enthusiastic energy to the group.
Bill Conley
Bill Conley picked up the guitar at age 6 after scratching enough money together to buy the Beatles first US released album. Five Beatles albums and many lessons with jazz teachers later, Bill was learning to play off the hippest LPs. Bill sings with passion, and his vamps and solos on the hollow body guitar are influenced by Charlie Christian, Joe Pass, and Wes Montgomery.

Jay Cook
Upright and electric bassist Jay Cook brings his experiences with world, classical, and free improv to the band. After studying classical guitar and African percussion, Jay began lessons at the Vermont Jazz Center in electric and acoustic bass. He has taken master classes with Michael Formanek and Santi Debriano, and has studied improvisation with cellist David Darling. Jay brings a playful, spontaneous energy to his bass lines and solos.

Jeremy Holch
Drummer Jeremy Holch has blessed many local groups with his impeccable timing, including Stormwatch, Group M and the Steve Carmichael Band. Jeremy was exposed to jazz at an early age, jamming with older musicians in Dixieland sessions in his neighborhood. His experiences in rock, funk, and jazz allow him to easily create with a variety of grooves.